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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  December 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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what is going on. temperatures are still in the low sixties around ocean city but drop into the lower 50's back to where the rain has already changed it to snow and western maryland. it is going to be a fast-moving system. it will probably be here for only a few hours during the late evening and early morning. it could produce a couple of inches of wet snow and cold air suburbs of west baltimore. details coming up with the insta-weather forecast in a few minutes. >> 11 news is right on top of the latest bout of winter weather. tom's whether blog has the latest on what the storm is coming. dozens of pictures have been loaded into our ulocal slide show. a programming note, because of the anticipated winter weather, we are on the air an extra half hour early tomorrow morning.
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that is tomorrow at 4:30 a.m.. you will find what you need to get out the door right here on tv 11. >> breaking news developing out of baltimore city. two female officers have been suspended from the vaunted police unit. we are told because of late harrassment and integrity issue. they are not elaborating exactly what the officers have done to be pulled off the streets. we are working for more information and we will bring it to you as it becomes available to us. >> our other big store, a jury sandusky back in jail. >> --jery sandusky back in jail. >> any comments? anything you would like to say? >> police led sandusky with from his home in handcuffed this afternoon following the criminal charges of alleged child sexual
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abuse. the charges involve allegations by two new accusers who told the grand jury they were abused by sandusky. one in 1997 and the other in 2004. the former penn state assistant coach had been free on bond of following his initial arrest on november 5. that stemmed from charges he sexually assaulting eight young victims, all of hope he allegedly came in contact with through the second mile charity, an organization he founded to help disadvantaged young people. according to a grand jury testimony, the two new accusers say they were part of the second mile charity. just this weekend sandusky tell the new york times he showered with young boys but denied sexually abusing them. >> these allegations are false. i did not do those things. >> a lawyer for one of the accusers explain why his client is only now coming forward. >> he thought he was the only one that this had ever happened
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to. there is a certain a amount of shame and negativity and feelings that go along with it. >> sandusky faces a total of 47 counts of child sex abuse now involving 10 alleged victims over a 15 year span. >> 11 news has continuing coverage of the controversy surrounding penn state. had to our website for the latest details as the federal investigation unfolds. you can also find a time when detailing how long the alleged abuse stretches back. it is all at city animal control officials have 30 days to determine the fate of a pair of pit bulls behind a gruesome attack earlier this month on a poodle in paterson part. they met at the baltimore animal care and shelter this morning to discuss whether the dogs should be euthanize.
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she says she was letting her poodle out of her car to enter their home when two hit bulls who were on least attacked her dog. the pebble is recovering after five hours of surgery but there may be evidence to show that the doctor possibly just as aggressive given the number of of one sit on their body. the owner of the pit bull says that he did not know what set them off and is pledging to fight for his animals. the family of an anne arundel -- a 9-year-old boy killed after a tree fell on him at a carroll county camp is suing the county for 12-million dollars. lowell muzzlers spoke with the family and the attorney today. he joins us for more. >> it was back on december 29, 2009 when the nine-year old was struck by the tree. despite best efforts by doctors at johns hopkins, he did not survive injuries. now his family has filed a $12
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million lawsuit against carroll county whose lawyers say never acknowledged or apologize for the boy's death and handle the entire thing in an insulting manner. >> is very upsetting. it is very upsetting. it definitely should have been handled differently. >> she fights back tears as she explains how her life has changed since her 9-year-old boy noah died after being struck by this hickory tree at a nature can almost two years ago. >> he was the light of my life. he was the light of everybody's life that knew him. we are devastated. >> in a lawsuit filed by catherine and his grandparents, it says an investigation done by the sheriff's office proves that the tree had been dead for a long time. the lawsuit also says the camp
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allowed cameras to play outside ignoring a high wind advisory that had been issued by the national weather service. >> poor judgment in taking the kids out on this windy day combined with a tree that was allowed to fall on its own and not removed prior to striking know what led to his death. that is why we filed a suit. >> not only did carroll county not apologize for her son's death, she said the center a $120 refund with a form letter saying that the nature camp did not go as planned and ended unexpectedly. they invited her to attend a maple sugar festival in march. >> they did not even acknowledge it. like the letter said, sorry the camp was cut short. here is or refund. i hope to see you at the next festival. i mean, i was like -- are you kidding me?
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i could not believe it. >> the lawyer says they are filing the $12 million lawsuit to make sure something like this never happens again and to let the county know how they handle the whole situation in their words is unforgivable. >> the treatment of kathy is unforgivable. i do not know how anybody could even -- they should be ashamed of themselves for sending out the letter. >> i spoke with the administrator for the carroll county recreation and parks department as well as the county's attorney. both could not comment on the case as the city had not received a copy of the lawsuit. the county has 30 days upon receipt to respond to the suit. >> thank you. it has been one year since the devastating fire went to an office building closing two very popular businesses. the five alarm blaze took hours to get under control.
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and as the gators have determined fight for its part of the first floor and were electrical in nature. the second part of the blaze -- the day before fire ripped through the heart of the block. led to the closures of donna's coffe bar and the my thai restaurant. >> new test scores show baltimore city fourth graders are making progress in math. administrators say there is plenty of room for improvement and at least one other key subjects. tim tooten is live with that story. >> these test results are from the natural assessment of educational progress. here is what is different about the test period represents a small sampling of students. most of all it compares baltimore students and those of 20 other urban cities. >> what is the core? >> if there is one of bright spot in the national numbers, it
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is fourth grade math. these middle school students will be the first to tell you why they are making improvements. >> i really do not think that is hard. math is not hard if you pay attention and get through it. >> over 80 -- two-year period, and math scores went up 3.5%. while there were improvements in eighth grade math scores, there were well below the nation's best. >> in three of the tests we moved. i think we moved in a rather nice place. >> i think that these are gratifying results around movement, results that underlie the urgency around how our kids are doing get really useful information in terms of what to do about our mission test. >> we are looking at a single snapshot in time of students who are capturing -- we are capturing what they're doing in class and then not doing.
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>> reading scores were not as impressive for a middle school and elementary school students, fourth grade reading was down 1.5%. there was only a slight increase in eighth grade reading scores. >> hold up so i can see your work. >> school officials think the small increase in math scores see how the lessons are being delivered in the classroom. >> we try to approach match as a science. students are constantly discovering new things. they are coming up with theories on their own and they are learning, that is how it works. that is how it applies. >> i like how she teaches math because she takes it slowly. sometimes she has fun with it and makes it fun. >> administrators are hoping to build on this let progress and look for a new round of results in 2013. >> to see all of the test scores and how baltimore compared to other cities, like on to our website at and click on education a large.
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tim tooten, wbal tv news. >> now, a road sign that has some motorists looking twice and questioning their undergarment. >> coming up -- what the streets i'm located minutes away from the white house read. there it is. >> all the talks about a possible merger between an area hospital and st. joseph's medical center. with the strategic partnership could be for the future of the hospital. >> the obama administration steps and over a birth
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>> motorists were wondering, what the heck is that about? the site 10 miles from the white house wanted summit to honk if they were wearing a thong. the county has to move the electronic sign at citing public safety. >> there is a possible merger between in the area hospital. the hospital has been looking to partner with other health
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centers for a while. after problems with its lead cardiologists lead to a drop in patients. an official at st. joseph's confront the have received a number of proposals and what they are calling a strategic partnership. board members for the hospital are evaluating those responses, but they cannot tell us which health care systems are involved until a former -- a health-care agreement is reached. she is overturning an fda recommendation to allow the morning after on shelves. it should have made them available for all ages over the counter including teens. the cotillion and joins us with more on that story. --nicole joins us with more. >> a different plan for plan b, after secretary of health services block the decision to
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make the contraceptives available to girls under 17 without a prescription. >> i am shocked and outraged. the fact that the secretary of health over ruled that the commissioner is actually unprecedented. >> it, woman health advocates like christian bore off guard. >> this administration is playing politics with science. >> we are surprised. we think the secretary did the right thing. >> the fda commissioner said there was adequate sites based evidence that the drug was safe and effective, the secretary said in a statement that the data provided is not sufficient to make plan b available to all girls and 16 or younger without talking to health professionals. >> this is in the best interest to young woman tell that they should have the medical screening -- medical streaming necessary for things like this. >> there is no evidence that
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having an easy availability to these products creates this behavior. that question has been studied and looked at. there is no evidence that that happens. the drug itself is very, very safe. >> the maker of plan b have been gearing up to make its morning after pill available over the county -- counter by month's end. they are not supported by the health secretary's decision. reporting live, wbal tv 11 news. >> if you want to quit smoking, you might want to move out of maryland. it wrecks the state as the third worst in the country for people trying to kick the habit. it offers citizens who quit smoking benefits to stay employees. on top of that, the quicklime is funded at a fraction of what the cdc recommends. among the most quit from the
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states -- maine and delaware. >> we have been watching cold air moving from the west throughout the afternoon. temperatures are already below freezing or the rain has changed to snow. in the central and eastern parts of the state is still just a what mild afternoon. not much rain at all around ocean city at this hour. all of this tracking toward the coast. as the storm continues to progress east, we see in the mountains will slide into central maryland. that is some wintry participation as well. the cold and wet will not be around all that long. ec temperatures to the west cover right around freezing while you get into the right east of the mountains that we are in the upper 40's and 50's. parts of the lower eastern shore have seen temperatures climbing into the low 70's for a while. on up into eastern new jersey quite mild. the changes coming our way as the storm rolls through.
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temperatures the rub the area right now and you will see 30 degrees at oakland. this is where trouble has already begun. it will end up with several inches of snow in western maryland. as the code invades the baltimore area, the rain we have will change over. we're safely above freezing in the 40's and 50's. there is a winter weather advisory until 3:00 in the boarding for most of central and western maryland. i just checked temperatures around baltimore, roadway temperatures are still in the 50's. it will be the cold air services -- surfaces that could get quick accumulation at night. right now the main threat is flooding. a flash flood is in the fact. some warnings around the d.c. for flash floodings there extending into northern virginia. so far it has been warm and wet. over 1 inch of rain officially at bwi marshall.
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we are within one-tenth of an inch or tying the record for the wettest december 2 in baltimore pretty high 7 above normal in the '60s. low temperatures are where we are now at temperatures will continue to drop to the evening. the storm is intensifying now in north-central carolina. center of the storm is getting a pretty close to the virginia and north carolina border. temperatures are dropping fast. it will be whipping to the mid- atlantic it the next few hours dragging the cold air in and changing ran over into snow. futurecast shows wet weather with us by 9:00 tonight. changeover approaching the washington county line by 9:00. in between 9:00 at 1:00 in the morning, snow moves into the region. by 1:00 in the boarding most of this will be gone. after that these guys will clear. snow showers will continue in the balkans to the west. there's a looks to be a sunny day. the storm will be long gone and it will be breezy and chile.
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some snow accumulations are possible again. colder temperatures to the north and west, especially in northern carroll county and parts of northern baltimore county. a trace around baltimore and the start picking up to the north and west of us. i think those areas around miller's and manchester, those spots could get a 1-3 inch snowfall late this evening and early in the morning. overall, it is moving so fast in the ground temperatures are so warm it will be hard for stock to accumulate here. in the morning after the sky is clear, close will be in the low 30's. west winds at 10-15. highs ranging from 41-46. it will finally feel like december after the storm rolls through. the storm will be gone tomorrow. it will be a sunny day partly cloudy on friday and saturday. dice football weather on sunday. lots of sunshine. >> still ahead, lawyers for the
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bernie fine says evidence will prove one of his accusers is lying. >> a startling announcement that charges of sexual abuse will not be filed. we will have details of on the clock. -- 5:30.
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>> baltimore has a new place to get fresh nutritious food. >> against people in south baltimore a new plastic grocery shop. a fresh seafood island produce, cannot base the texas of a tour. --kim basey takes us o a tour. >> i am really excited for the opening. i work across the street. i want to know what they have to offer here. >> the store is 61,000 square feet. has a big produce section.
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in addition to what is on the shelves. >> there is a pharmacy here, too? perfect. >> shoppers say there are not a lot of grocery options in south baltimore so they have to make do with what is a round. >> i get a lot of my groceries at the corner store. >> people who live and work in the area are happy to have another option to get fresh nutritious food at. >> the produce section is also. there is not a lot to shot twice with protist. "i think it brings a lot of variety and upscale products that i think there is a market here for. >> the store was also built to be energy efficient. >> we also have recycling bins in our lobby and encourage shoppers to bring back plastic bags. >> the new course restore is the latest addition to mchenry
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row. in locus point, kim basey. >> a busy day for baltimore city police officers. >> the robbery escalated into a barricade situation. >> remember the victims of drunk driving accidents at the same time that track driving fatalities are on the increase.
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>> wbal tv 11 news in hd, continues now. >> a solemn day in annapolis as government officials joined loved ones of drunk driving victims across the state. the backdrop for the memorial, the number of fatalities is going up. >> officials want to know why it is happening and how they can
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stop it. barry simms is live. >> this is a time when people come together, families and police to try to deal with the loss and try to celebrate the lives of the people who have died because of the drunk driving accidents. it is also a time when families come together to remind everyone about the dangers of driving under the influence. >> the procession was heartfelt and somber. >> my son was 16 and killed by a drunk driver in august of 2005. >> campbell is escorted by law enforcement officers in a ceremony to remember victims of drunk and impaired drivers. >> week -- we have a big hole in our family and a huge hole in our hearts because we miss them so much. >> betty jones was here to honor her son sean killed at age 43 by
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a driver high on pcp. >> they do not believe he knew he was on wheels. he acted as though he may have been floating or flying. >> brooks shared her story telling how her father was on duty when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver on new year's eve 2007. she offered comfort to other victims families. >> we all know the feeling of not being able to talk to or hear their voices again. that feeling may never go away or get easier to deal with. we must remember they are always here in spirit. >> this memorial comes at a time when a truck and impaired driving accidents are increasing. state records show 171 fatalities in 2008, 173 in 2009, and 177 last year. the lt. gov. anthony brown talked about his concerns. >> we are supposed to be doing
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better. we're supposed to be driving these numbers down. >> officers are committed to reducing the numbers by adding more patrols and setting up sobriety checkpoints over the holiday season. >> will make our goal this holiday season as we do every day throughout the year to prevent a festive celebrations from being wracked by drunk driving tragedies. >> the victim families know that police presence is not enough. "i tell youngsters, please think before you drink. so many of them are not even old enough to drink. i wanted them to be a where to think of consequences. >> betty jones at the other family members said they are just trying to keep pushing and trying to make sure they get the message out that people should designate a driver or have someone there remains a sober so that lives will despair. -- lives will be scared.
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>> the family of a nine year old boy after a tree fell on him is now suing the county for $12 million. the lawsuit claims the county wasn't look -- negligent for not removing the tree that fell on him because it had been dead and running for years. decamp allowed campers to play outside despite a high wind advisory that had been issued by the national weather service. he will hear from the boy's family tonight at 6:00. let police and more than two hours dealing with the robbery and barricade situation among the 1000 block of west baltimore street. two people are in custody. investigators say it all happened around 3:30 this morning when officers responded to a reported robbery. two people were arrested just before 6:00 a.m.. no word on the identities of the people involved. >> on sunday tonight, the former
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penn state assistant coach must submit to electronic monitoring. they picked up sandusky at his home earlier this afternoon as he faces new charges based on testimony to new accusers. one said sandusky are rested him a number of times in a basement bedroom and sandusky's home. the lawyer has not responded to the latest charges. the district attorney says claims of sexual abuse against syracuse assistant basketball coach bernie fine are credible but prosecutors said they cannot move on because the statute of limitations has expired. >> bernie fine won't face charges regarding allegations he sexually abused two brothers more than two decades ago. the county district attorney and as the investigation chose bobby davis give credible evidence but they could not prosecute due to a legal technicality. >> for the obvious problem of
5:34 pm
the statute of limitations, there allegations would have resulted in the arrest of bernie fine at least with a misdemeanor charge. >> the brothers also told their story to espn giving detailed accounts of the alleged abuse. >> i know i cringed and i did not want it to happen. >> the fbi searched his home. they aired a 2002 phone call recorded by davis and which the wife seemed to acknowledge the abuse. at first the head coach defended his longtime friend. after the investigation found a third victim had come forward,fine was fired and he made a public apology. >> i cannot believe what i was hearing. >> the third alleged victim claimed fine molested him in 2002 in pittsburgh. the d.a. says school records may prove declined to be false.
5:35 pm
today his attorney released a statement saying the incredible damage that he has inflicted on mr. fine cannot be overstated. federal investigators are still looking into his claims. the district attorney is asking other possible abuse victims to come forward. >> and one of the stiffest penalties for corruption in illinois state history, the former governor gets slammed with a 40-year prison sentence. >> with the ousted politician has to say for himself to that as we cover the nation. >> remembering the attack on pearl harbor. that story is coming out.
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>> covering the nation tonight, a 14-year prison sentence for rob blagojevich. before his sentencing, he apologized for his crime and
5:39 pm
asked the judge for mercy. he was convicted of 18 corruption counts including trying to sell president obama told a senate seat. with his wife in tears at his side, he spoke briefly on his way out of the courthouse accurate clocks this is a time to be strong. this is a time to fight their adversity. this is a time for me to be strong for my children. be strong for patti. but his legal team says that they will appeal, but as it stands right now he must serve a least 85% of his sentence which would be more years behind bars. >> take it or leave it -- that is what the state of indiana is saying about the victims of the state's collapse spurred their offering settlements to over half of the injured. as a result of the state's clout on august 13. the 5 million liability fund is aimed at compensating the most seriously injured beginning with
5:40 pm
those who died. however, there is no admission of responsibility. by accepting the offer, the victims agree not to sue the state. >> the tort claim limit is $5 million regardless. if you are more liable or less liable, all of those things could be argued. years of litigation to decide who is at fault would give them no more funds than i can offer now. >> climates and their attorneys have until december 12 to accept or decline the state's offer. >> alec baldwin's up here a lot of the video game got him booted from a flight on tuesday night. he tweed did he was awaiting takeoff on an american airlines flight when and -- when a flight attendant asked him to turn off his ipad. he said he was immersed in a game of word with friends. he said he complied but not fast
5:41 pm
enough and not before he had a few choice words for the flight attendant. he was able to capital-letter fight on the same airline. >> to date mitt romney released a blistering attack on president obama. he did it at the gop candidates forum, but why he did it is even more telling. he has to convince them he is conservative enough to be their presidential nominee. >> losing ground and running out of time, mitt romney is fighting to convince conservatives he is the man to take on president obama. >> i do not think he understands why our economy is the most successful in the world. i do not think he understands america. >> mitt romney went on the offensive at a forum held by the republican jewish coalition in washington. mitt romney was well received as he slammed the president for being too tough on israel. >> he seems to be more generous to our enemies than he is to our
5:42 pm
friends. that is the tendency of someone who is on shore of they're on strike. >> the latest polls show that mitt romney strength is winning at the worst time. 27 days before the iowa caucuses. and gingrich's in the lead is gaining momentum. >> how many agree that we need fundamental change? >> his message is clearly heading home with conservatives to question whether mitt romney is conservative enough. mitt romney is attacking the former speaker who has been married three times on family values in a new tv ad. >> i will be true to my family and my faith in my country. >> mitt romney and newt gingrich fighting for the conservative core of the gop. "still ahead tonight, kids escorted to a baltimore city target store. >> we will explain that when we come back. >> from egypt to charlie sheen,
5:43 pm
the most talked-about event that topics in 2011 based on the number of tweet on twitter that is ahead on consumer alert. >> it is raining in baltimore and snowing in western maryland. see what is coming our way for the rest of the night.
5:44 pm
>> test scores are in for nearly two dozen u.s. cities and our education a lawyer, how baltimore student step up against the rest of the nation. two years after the death of a nine-year old boy, his family has filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. plus, could we be in store for a significant snowfall?
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>> christmas came early for record of baltimore to its thanks to target in the baltimore police department. city police officers and target teen -- team members escorted children to the aisles as they got presents for themselves as well as family and friends. >> today is all about the kids. bringing them out and letting them shot, giving them something that they normally would not get on any given day. it is also about fellow shipping and with the police officers getting to know us in a different light. >> following the shopping spree, the kids have pictures taken with santa and enjoyed a lunch before heading back to the classroom. >> now, your love and insta- weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> it is agreed to be a meteorologist and when you look
5:47 pm
across maryland right now, everything from dry 69 degrees down to salsbury. contrast that to what we have in baltimore. it is down to 52 degrees. the new track west into the mountains of far western maryland and is a completely different story. heavy snow and temperatures dropping below freezing. all at once you go from near 70 and dry on the coast to very heavy snow and sub-freezing temperatures in the west. check out temperatures across the state and you will see the lineup. 69 degrees at the salsburry airport. 30 in oakdland with his ability under a quarter mile. hour winds will be up to the west and the northwest bringing temperatures in. iran the baltimore area especially north and west, rain and mixes with and changes to snow. down near henderson north
5:48 pm
carolina at this area is expected to -- expected to be around cambridge and off the jersey coast by tonight. it will be racing to the mid- atlantic region if it stays on track the way it is right now. flood watches around baltimore into southeast pennsylvania. we had a bunch of rain today and more on the way. we can adjust the low at the airport, down to 52 degrees. the ring continues to come. we are approaching the record about of 1.27 inches of precipitation of the seventh of december in 1976. it looks like we will probably break the record for the west december 7. pressures are falling fast. storm is gaining strength. it was up along the coast toward new england by tomorrow morning. behind it, cold dry high pressure comes and rapidly. the emphasis here is fast movement of the storm carried by continues until 8:00 and at 9:00 tonight with snow coming toward hagerstown by 9:00 in the evening.
5:49 pm
by 11:00 we see a change over occurring in much of carol and no. baltimore counties, quickly the storm system rice is a way so that by morning we are into clearing skies. the the warm ground and wet ground limits snowfall to abolition in our area. the potential is there for several inches of snowgarret county. those are the spots that could see a 1-3 inch snowfall. otherwise it will be messy and windy and eventually colder by morning. breezy and chile during the day tomorrow, even with a lot of sunshine the highs are only 41- 46. a small craft advisory on the day tomorrow. the insta-weather forecast says it will finally feel and taste, i suppose, like december.
5:50 pm
sunny skies with brisk winds at 44 per it partly cloudy on saturday. great football weather on sunday. it looks like the dry cool weather will last into the middle of next week. >> into nats consumer alert, citigroup is expected to lay off 4500 workers over the next few months. they will also take a $400 million charge in the fourth quarter to cover the severance and other cost relating to the downsizing. the have not announced when the cuts will take effect. currently, they employ more than 62,000 people worldwide. the obama administration is launching a new project aimed at simplifying credit card agreement to make them easier to understand. the consumer financial protection bureau is testing a prototype agreement that the white house says is shorter and written in plain language. the plan to test it with the pentagon federal credit union which is one of the nation's largest credit -- credit unions.
5:51 pm
a recent study shows only two- thirds of credit card users say they completely understand how their card to work. j.c. penney is counting on homemaking europe to help boost sales. the retailer announced it bought a stake in martha stewart living on the media for $33.5 million. it also includes a seat on the birth this to report. j.c. penney plans to open many stores dedicated to the martha stewart brand beginning in february of 2013. both companies will join -- both companies will launch a joint website. twitter is releasing the top has tags of the year. the number one was #egypt. number wio is #tigerblood. #threewords toliveby.
5:52 pm
as he does the list of hot topics and top has tags charts key words there was the fastest in conversation over the course of the year. this reveals what grabs attention most dramatically in 2011 and which events and inventions changes and ideas people have been talking about. >> you have seen the animal ambassadors of 11 news this weekend. tomorrow, the folks from the mayor lindsay will be on the today show. three zoo reps packing up for new york city this morning. they are appearing with reps from the san diego zoo. it will be live in the 8:30 half hour tomorrow morning right here on wbal tv. >> a 9-year-old boy's family says a tree was dead and running for years before it fell over and killed him. now they are suing carroll county for $12 million.
5:53 pm
you details at 6:00. 70 years after the bombing that killed over 2000 people, victims of pearl harbor are being remembered tonight. remembered tonight.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
>> 70 years ago today thousands of people lost their lives. the morals are under way across the nation as people remember the attack on pearl harbor. tom is 91 years old and lives in
5:56 pm
maryland. he was in his barracks south of pearl harbor with the japanese planes flew over just before they began their attack. he and his brother both the state without injuries. he says he spent the days after the attack helping doctors treat those who were hurt. he says none of the band and his unit were scared of another attack. they just wanted revenge. >> it did seem like it was started and it was over. by that time, we started getting soldiers that were injured, we were pretty busy for a while accurate >> he stayed in hawaii for the rest of the war and continue to work with the rest of the court. he returned to maryland were she got married. a moving ceremony today to honor those who survived and remember those who we lost. >> a military flyover in the
5:57 pm
missing man formation followed by a moment of silence at 7:50 5:00 a.m. at marked the moment the attacks began here 70 years ago. the presentation of colors and the national anthem help commemorate the anniversary of the japanese surprise attack on december 7, 1941. u.s.s. arizona. with -- more than 2100 died that day. 70 years later, 3000 people can to remember including more than 100 survivors. middlesworth give the keynote address at the ceremony. he was 18 when the attack happened and remembers it like it was yesterday. >> the day of infamy united our country as never before. the country rallied around the slogan "remember pearl harbor."
5:58 pm
other survivors are now in their late eighties and early '90s. for many this may be their last journey to pearl harbor. a piece of living history that will eventually be gone. the memories of the fateful day will forever live on in american history. >> let no one disturb the sickert water. they hold -- the sacred water in the harbor. those among us whose ashes are yet to join you. remember pearl harbor, keep a america alert. god bless you and god bless america. [applause] >> this is just one of many events commemorating pearl harbor here in hawaii. the day will end with the moral parade.
5:59 pm
-- memorial parade. >> that is all for us at 5:00. here is what is coming up at 6:00. >> colder air coming in with the winter advisory coming in. "another round of national tests. we will find out how baltimore stood and stared in math. >> concern over the growing number of drivers fatalities and maryland. i will have the story. >> life, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv news at 6:00. '>> a live look at doppler radar after a few days of my temperatures, winter weather is now in our viewing area with so already falling in parts of the state. here is a look at the winter wonderland. they are already reporting five inches of snow. winter weather advisory stretching over most of our state tonight. >> the question remains, could we see snow at the baltimore area? area?


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